Kindness can come to blind,
Someone who finds it...
Unexpectedly to them shown.

Offering a helping hand,
Is seldom given to understand...
Without accompanied by suspicion.

Even a simple 'hello' these days,
Is enough to have someone...
Screaming down a crowded street.
Claiming to be stalked by a terrorist.

Minds have become blinded,
By a kindness to them shown...
From someone unknown.
To have them rushing away,
Looking over a shoulder.
Fearing if to accept kindness,
Others who are near to witness this...
May be part of a plot,
To have their crazed mentalities stopped.

And today,
Any act of kindness displayed...
Can be an excuse for anyone to call 911.
To then be asked for a complete description,
Of the perpetrator.
Before a full investigation begins to take place.

'You say...
Someone attempted to show you kindness? '

It frightened me.
I ran through a crowd fearing for my life.~

Where are you now? '

~I am at home.
But please send someone immediately.
I am sure I have been followed.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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