Of Melancholy

Cloud of grayish misty mind I rose, awoken

The sun came bathing away the ambience

Yet inexplicable state of knottiness stayed

Squeezing on my polluted heart and hope

Until the balmy air got haloed with nature:

Birds, roving in drove to the runs of the sky

With sight, of flight, and drills: so thrilling;

A spectacle I watched as if held spellbound;

Exhibition unshackling my trial in internment

Scenic flyers of hope they were, timely too:

Angelic heart masseurs; soldiers of freedom:

How soothing their reach to depth of my soul

Joyous were their pains drowning stunts and

Welcoming the seizure of a heart: damping

Longings, dreads, diffidence to passing limbo;

My casket of blues rerouted to divine delight.

by segun Johnson Ozique

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