Kindred Spirit

Throughout our lifetime we seldom come across, kindred spirits with whom to share our thoughts. Our inner being is full of wonder and emotion, wanting to share with them our every notion.

At times its easiest to bottle them safe and secure, but letting them out is when they are so pure. Overwhelming excitement flowing throughout your soul, echoing back memories that are eager to be told.

Enjoying the thrill of the release of expression, wanting to make an everlasting impression. Hoping to share those moments of despair, with someone you know will undoubtably care.

Not having to explain your every word, knowing that even in silence they will be heard. When your not sure what is around the bend, there they will be waiting with a hand to lend.

Feeling like at times that next breathe is not there, wanting so desperately your thoughts to share. Divulging those things that are so deep inside, wanting to everything, in them confide.

At times feeling so very vulnerable, yet at others, never more comfortable. Trusting like you never dreamed you could, secretly hoping that one day you would. Thinking that this is rather crazy, yet at the same time so utterly amazing.

Wondering to yourself how long it will last, watching as the time ticks away so fast. Understanding that words that were shared so dear, forever in our hearts will ultimately be seared.

So with this thought I find great comfort and peace, these moments in my mind will never cease. A kindred spirit is just like it sounds, one who with every beat of your heart does pound.

by Elizabeth Byrd

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i liked. unusual and truly written. thanks