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Kindred Spirits...
TL ( / London)

Kindred Spirits...

Poem By Tina Louise

Where once was one, a whole united
Was set apart and much divided

Each piece was given the same chance
To become whole and join the dance

All in a cosmos set adrift
Divine creation, creator’s gift

Through fine meshed universe refined
Each piece just longing, to entwine

Feel the bond that once embraced
All the pieces, in a state of grace

Lonely, seeking the warmth, the light
Each piece searching, began to catch sight

Of kindred spirits with the same goal
Of fellow pieces, from the perfect whole

Nostalgia for life before the divide
Brought them together, as they realised

United they would eventually be
The whole, the universe and eternity

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Comments (2)

simply brilliant poem Tina, the reader can easily understand what you intended to convey.
I love this - reflects my own line of thinking. A great poem - you should write more.