Kindred Spirits

I thought I knew you
Long ago and far away
In another world.

Thoughts in unison
Memories of yesterday
When love was sweeter.

Maybe I know you
Something so familiar now
Thaws my frozen heart.

Words I long to hear
Whisper from your trembling lips
Touch my very soul.

Heal my broken heart
Kiss my wounds and make me whole
Let me live again.

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

You've just proved something I've suspected for a while. The Haiku series can concentrate and reinforce a message, without over-embellishment. Excellent. Danny
Sweet little love poem, very emotive. -chuck
A very moving poem containing depth and distance, and a sincere tribute to the power of love.
Splendid flow.. perhaps a past love reborn for the continuation.
A fine piece of crafting, Midnight...Tight, crisp, versage....pleasingly serene language Solid work, here, Nurse Ori... F. j. R.
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