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Poem By Absurd Religion

Whole cities burn at my leisure
I laugh amidst the crying and shouting
For I rule over all

I feed off despair and loneliness
I watch as families lose loved ones
And I don’t care
For I rule over all

No one questions me
Asks me why?
They know what is good for them
For I rule over all

What I do not control is destroyed
Charcoal and embers lie at my feet
As I decide the job is finished
For I rule over all

What do I gain from all of this?
Why do people accept me and my actions?
They have no better leader
You see I am not normal

I am sick and twisted
Moral and reason have no place in my wretched soul

You cannot help
You cannot save me
From myself

I will carry on until I am sick
Or fall unable to regain my strength

I have created my own fate

When I fall no one will help me up
I want to stay down and away from this world
But I cannot help myself

Leave me now

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nice.. whats gay is it has to be atleast 20 character long (the comment)