AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)


Once upon a time there was a cruel king
Keeping his kingdom in a mortal fright
No heir into the world he wanted to bring
Ruthless and heartless, spoiling for a fight
A master of executions and tortures
Hated by his own court and the vassals
He killed his brother for painting pictures
Where ugly beasts resided in castles
One day he went hunting for big game
And met a young maiden who won his heart
She was so lovely, but in one leg lame
'Be my mistress, from you I'll never part'
As he hugged her, she stabbed him with a knife
'By your order my parents were done in
A fall from the cliff ruined my life
I hope you suffer from pain while bleeding'
His soldiers seized her, waiting for orders
The wounded king waved at them to let her out
'I have to repent of my sins and murders
There's a lot I wanna come clean about'

by Aram Stefanian

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