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I depended on you for all that you are,
The little things you used to do are now very far.
You know what makes me happy,
The smiles and the laughter,
Yet somehow you forgot when it was all that mattered.

Please, just for once,
Place yourself in my shoes.
You would not feel any different if it had happened to you.
Very few visits and definitely no photos,
I guess I should feel lucky I even got a call on the phone.

You made me feel like I was your burden.
I apologize for interrupting your life,
This was not planned or an attack out of spite.
It was something that was beyond control,
Even the doctors felt like they had fallen into a black hole.

Then again, I have to retract that apology,
I am not sorry for something I didn't do.
Oh, that's right, it was all about you, you, you.
Yet, you forget that if it hadn't been for me,
You wouldn't be king and been given all of the sympathy.

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Nice...a good poem of realization.