King Charles' Glee

Come Careless, Pendrill, jovial boys.
And Humphrey of the mill,
Why, thrones and empires are but toys;
And wine is with us still.
On rebel brows the diadem may shine,
All is not lost to us while we have wine.

Misfortune brings the monarch down,
And pairs him with the lowest clown;
But such the force of mighty wine.
And such the power of drink divine.
The lowest clown 'twill quickly bring.
To swagger like the sceptr'd King,
So freely let us quaff the draught divine,
All is not lost to us while we have wine.

A hundred thousand crowns you say,
The rebel wolf would give,
Could he but slyly track my way ;
Come ! who'll his gold receive ?
Nay Humphry frown not honest soul,
I know thee loyal and true,
Come pledge with me the generous bowl ;
And I'll stand pledged to you.
O'er the full glass let trusty hearts combine,
All is not lost to us for we have wine.

by Josias Homely

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