King Coconut Tree In A Dream

Poem By Dulakshi Wakista

I marvelled
and stood in bewilderment
When it was dark and raining
When all at once
I saw a tree
A golden king coconut tree
Beside the paddyfield,
near cannal
Moving and
shaking in the breeze
The wind blew high and
Its fronds were waving up
in the sky
Oh! it's getting too dark,
It's the time for the birds
To fly their nests,
Thunder and lightning
tore asunder
The peaceful nature,
The rain drops fell
On top of its stately feathers
And made the day mysterious
I stared and stared
and some thoughts
came to my mind
The king coconut tree stands
steady in inclement weather
Its roots are strong
like our ancestors,
Its trunk is solid
like our great grandparents,
Its sprouts are like our parents,
Its fronds are like our children,
Thousands of blooms appear
like our unborn children,
The king coconuts are
like our grandchildren.....
It's a unique scene,
that's vividly
emblazoned in my heart,
Yet, it's so inspiring
Like reading a verse in a novel
I wish if it would be a
recurring dream today and forever......

Dulakshi Wakista Copyright 2009

Comments about King Coconut Tree In A Dream

I am enchanted by your work, it takes me to a divine place. Kind regards Marie
marvelled and stood in bewilderment....................beautifully penned.10.
Hi! Dulakshi, This is truly beautiful! Fine deep thoughts well expressed. Like your similes very much! All the best, Joanna
hi Dulakshi.....this one is soo very beatuiful...I should say it has Srilankan flavour in it...soo very refreshing, relaxes the mind...and highly enjoyable 10+++
hi Dulakshi u r one with your environs and enjoy nature....what a vivid pic u painted for us...tropics and all with a solid message for the good old the refrain... they dont make em they used to.. cheers...keep it up

3,4 out of 5
15 total ratings

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