King Enemy

You could be my everything
You could be my king
Together I know we can build anything
We've got the kind of love that set us free
But you don't want to be anybody's anything
You'd rather be an enemy
Than have to be a friend to me
Because I won't let you see
And believe in the illusions of your mind
That's what happens when you're mine
You're forced to face
Parts of you that you've disgraced
But don't you know that's how you win the race
And I see you've got what it takes
Yet you'd rather throw it all away
For a shiny Rolex and a piece of cake
And a last name that's fake
Rather than anything real that you have to make
Falling apart until we break
Unless I let go
And not wanting to know
What it's like without you here
Keeping me from drowning in my fears
We're exactly what the other one needs
But you refuse to be a friend to me
And yet you refuse to put and end to me
I'm looking for someone to help me escape
From the merry go round of spinning out of pace
Pulling off the hinges until it breaks
I'm tired of crying with mud on my face
I'm ready to play
I've asked you to come but you'd rather stay away
Help me escape
Help me to please get away
You're drowning me
Deeper waters is where we sink
Every time you look at me
What are you to me
How did you become my enemy
When yesterday you were almost my everything

by Mellisa Salazar

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