King Jesus

Poem By Donna Lee Womack

No matter what is painful,
life will mean you good;
Hold your ground and lean on Him,
your heart is understood;

Tell the one who lifts you up,
that you will be ok;
or maybe life has told you to,
bless someone this day;

Run the race; Run your case,
but meet it face to face;
Be strong in the Lord,
and don't let down,
because this is not your own speed chase.

God is a Healer; A tunnel of light,
exposure of love that will hold you tight;
Let nothing stand in your way;
Praise King Jesus day and night.

Comments about King Jesus

I love this poem. Your religious nature and faith really come through here. Please read my poem A PERGUNTA CERTA. It's in Portuguese but has the English translation right below it. You might also enjoy my poem GOLIATH ROCKS.

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