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King Of Glory
SW (Midnight on July 31,1991 / Spring Branch> TEXAS :))

King Of Glory

Your prophets are silent, your Holy Fire has gone cold,
Your altar lies empty, yet we are brazen and bold.
Israel lies quiet, battles rage around it.
Your chosen ones need you, we have a country,
yet we still wander, a nomad nation.
Would the Red Sea part for us now?
Would Mount Sinai thunder loud?
Would water gush from the rock?
Would the manna fall?
The world only grows darker, help us make sense of it all.
L-RD your Holy Temple lies in ruin,
Underneath this evil shrine.
Couldn’t this be it?
Make this your perfect time.
War rages in Jerusalem,
We descend into deeper darkness
…with every passing day…
your people are blinded,
wont you come?
The rocks cry out and say,
“Lift up your heads O gates,
That the King of Glory may come in.”
The rocks cry out because we wont,
“Send your army to save,
O L-RD of Hosts.”
Tremors from the Holy Land,
Whispers in the wind, of this terror to come,
What is whispered must be screamed,
Shouted from Mount Zion,
To below, where masses teem.

Can’t they hear me?
“Behold the Lamb with triumph reigns,
he has come, he came, he is coming,
Lift up your heads O gates,
That the king of glory may come in”
Your Holy Mountain waits,
Come L-RD gather your elect,
The sky rolls back, the stars fall,
all the stars fall,
the Bridegroom has returned,
to rescue the few who call,
upon The Name.

When the morning comes will they see that we are gone and wonder where?
Lift up your heads O gates, that the King of Glory may come in.

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Comments (2)

This poem is wonderfully written... a beautiful prayer... an earnest desire... Absolutely fabulous write.... Well done Starr!
Beautiful, powerful and very memorable. Welcome back, Starr. May God bless your talented pen in 2007. Love, Sandra