AM (12/31/1961 / Gallipolis Ohio)

King Of Kings

I was born on a cold winters' day
a king without a crown lying in the hay
three kings to call each one bearing a gift
kneeling before me hailing the King of Kings

I traveled far a carpenter by trade
building dreams with a hammer and a blade
meeting John the Baptist I fell at his feet
and my fathers words I began to teach

to help spread the word 12 deciples I found
one to deceive me trading silver for my crown
I turned water into wine
cured the sick, cured the blind

I spoke of harmony I spoke of love
teaching the words of my father above
there I stood destined to die
to the hill I went to be crucified

nails piercing flesh on the cross I was hung
left only to die for the teaching I had done
forgiveness father they know not what they do
I will die for thier sins now I come to you

by Aaron(AarionLee) Morris

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