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King Of The Dead

Dismay all round, sorrowful the air,
lugubrious my life, nothing so fair,
came a wind, knocking my dinghy,
night grew mournful, doleful was my dignity.

The dreory in his voice, spoke for his life,
the hardships faced by him, death was inevitable boon,
fear did he from nothing, nothing he had to loose,
a vision he bore in his mind, blissfully unaware whose.

Slain many by thy blade of mine, blood all over my chain,
failed to wash my unholy deed, cried sky till world drowned,
silence stabbed my conscious, tried stopping oozing tears in vain,
cruelty of my destiny began, king of dead was i crowned.

warrior was he from heart, rendered a lifeless soul,
blade of his hung close to heart, cared he for nothing else,
thy not a single soul born, which bestow'd care upon the lone soul,
pain he gained everytime, cursed tale he tole of his.

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