The Abby

She was unfortunate to look like her
So pretty to see and touch, its ugly ran deep
inside of her like them all – until removed by me
Perfecting their beauty one at a time

Cuts clumsy at first until I got the touch
now Precise incisions, sure of hand
while showing compassion with surgical steel
Perfecting my skill one at a time

Inept police full of bravado and self
“We’re getting close, have a person of interest”
Liars! –they haven’t even a sketch or name
Perfecting publicity one at a time

Lost pets’ terror, like mine, never heard
My innocence stolen since first breaths of life
Family friend –pedophile in parenti loci– come sleep over
Perfecting the past one at a time

World righted temporarily with the stretch of tape
Confusion now in her eyes, wetness rolls down its cheek
Hope drains eternal with the cinch of straps
Perfecting its comprehension one at a time

She was so trusting, just a warm smile got me far
Rapidly it learns faith means nothing
when prayers will not change who I really am
Perfecting reality one at a time

Its eyes widen as I step near, clear and aware
For the first time in its life it sees
Used to be loved, now will be missed
Another canvas for my palate of obsession
Perfecting my art one HER at a time

by Owen Bittner

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