King Of The Universe

Caviar and blood rare prepared steak.
Served by glove wearing servants.
On boned thin China plates.
And garnished is the smothered dirt.
Inspected for its quality...
By those sniffing their approval.
Before anyone takes a taste.
Disappointed are a few expecting,
The garbage collectors who did not respond...
To the gold trimmed invitations.
Their names had been embossed on.

In this den of thieves sit,
Intellectual scholars, religious leaders.
And representatives.
Crossing lines of demographic diversity.
Dining and sipping on the finest of aged wine.
Toasting as they brag...
As to who may have had debris on their doorsteps.
Eagerly left secretly behind by these culprits.
Enjoying being out their minds.
Destroying reputations,
They have done for quite some time.

Boisterous and loud are heard their voices.
Criminals by choice.
Spewing from mouths are committed Bible verses.
Until authorities arrive.
With search warrants and handcuffs.
While those sitting stand.
Knowing they're being arrested.
And headed to prison cells to be locked up.
Except for one.
Wearing a crown adoring a royal blue crested robe.
Sitting high above others.
Tossing from a throne blood red roses.
And from under spotlight speaks,
About how his kingdom had been illegally invaded.

We encountered a slight problem here.
I've never seen anything like this before.
We have a need for more assistance.
And I recommend at least one or two psychiatrists.
That guy reported to sit high on a throne?
Now swings from a crystal chandelier.
Threatening to shoot us.
With a pink toy gun.
He claims rights to own.

Chief? Chief? ? ?
I am serious.
This is no laughing matter.
Even the agents with me who are here,
Are shocked into disbelief.
Looking for cameras hoping...
A movie is being filmed,
To provide the masses with comic relief.

Now this 'swinger' declares he alone is king.
I'm not kidding.
Of the Universe. And, he means it.
Send help immediately.
Before I'm convinced to protect his nonsense.
He's not only nuts.
But he says what he does,
Will one day come to benefit all of us.
You will not believe I recognize this guy.
And you ordered a huge painting of him.
Pledging loyalty each day in your office."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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