Kingdom Asleep (Saudi Arabia Before The Discovery Of Oil)

Harsh - sweet land of contrast
not mine although you hold
me forever - pallid,
enchanting where time molds
tall sand mountains casting
welcome shadows - sharp - strong
drifting imperceptibly
they steadily inch along.
Leafless plants struggle to root,
flowing sands pattern - blend -
small gnarled shadeless trees twist
as relentless winds bend.
Brief rains unlock dormant
seeds-fragile blossoms burst
in vibrant fluttering waves
till withered by desert thirst.
Bedouin survive in their
uncompromising land -
still unaware - below,
imprisoned in sea of sand,
Allah's precious gift waits -
restlessly "black gold" lies,
while high above stalking,
a keen-eyed falcon flies.

by Jeannette U. Carter

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