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Kingdom Come
KW (December 5th,1981 / Pasadena)

Kingdom Come

Poem By Kovan White

What if the Devil put a veil over your eyes?
Where you couldn't see the light/ Shining brightly through the night
Where you couldn't see the road/ that could take you straight home
To the real life; get it right/ Feeling safe all through the night

No killin, bad feelings, no body's mamma reelin
Screaming her baby's gone/ leaving her home alone
All that will soon be gone/ soon as the Kingdom roars
She'll get her baby back/ I tell you that's a fact

It's in the good book/ go-head and take a look
Come on man didn't be scared/it's perfect over here
It's dirty over there/ population in the air
The truth will set you free/ Yeah Jesus said to me

He said it to you too/ come on and join his crew
Go-head and have his back/ there's nothing that he lacks
His kind, patient, and strong/ won't leave you on your own
You cry, he'll dry your tears/ and take away your fears

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