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Kingdom Come 2
KW (December 5th,1981 / Pasadena)

Kingdom Come 2

Poem By Kovan White

The blind will one day see/ Isaiah said to me
The lame will jump out their chair/ just running everywhere
The deaf will hear again/ ah man tell a friend
Celebrations in the air/ joy filling the atmosphere

Imagine never getting sick/ feeling healthy and strong
Imagine never growing old/ granny's wrinkles are gone
Imagine never paying rent, cause we'll build your own homes
No more buying expensive foods/ cause it'll all be home grown

I can't wait until no more wickedness or crime
In due time/ the former things won't be called to mind
I'm lying turn to Psalms and feed your mind
It's time for you and I to put all evilness behind

Jesus did it before/ can't wait to do it again
His got the power to win/ because his fathers the man
He's resurrecting our friends/ seeing you baby again
Imagine life with no end/ no imperfection or sin

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