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Kingdom Come

When manhatten falls again and every city behind
The cup of wrath will be filled
The jokers behind it who imprison mankind
Will be screaming loud revenge
They’ll build round the world a high prison wall
And trillions by them will be killed
But their days are counted They are but a few
So they’ll destroy all they can to the end
They don’t care for them and they don’t care for you
They care not for children at all
And all who kling to them to save their own lives
Will surely share in their fall.
The true King is the Fool and the King he just is
Accepting all things in true love
This is the infant the child and the one
Bringing heaven to earth from above
The placenta once powerful From memory gone
As we enter the home of our birth
Come now children and gather around
Where everywhere bright eyes and full bellies are found.
Music and laughter ring through the night
Love gives vision where there was no sight.

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