Kingdom Wishes

The cloak begins to slip off their backs.
No stepping aside or stepping to avoid,
This duo on top...
Squirm to bring chaos,
They started to a stop.
And their bark is sparking new revelations!

They market doom and holocaust scenes,
To demean the realities of common man!

They remain in conference with plans,
Not yet revealed!
No other ones are fearing their fate
With created anger and hate...
Like they do!
And the dwindling few that follow them
With zeal and nervousness!

And no one benefits from their command...
At all!
Accept those who rehearse...
Crawling after their fall from grace,
That has been disgraced with greed!

And they defy even those who turn their heads...
As they boldly slip into chambers of power!
To plant the hour of another disception.

They want to control all resources,
And rule the 'World'!
With might,
That has broken the backs
Of their own fighters!

They market doom...
And holocaust scenes to demean
The 'realities'
Of common man!
Who they believe can not see them...
Tossing lives away for purposes left noted,
In chauffeured limosines!

They are not the ones who are on the horizon!
Those totally out of view of the ones who toast
Unconscious efforts.

God provides and rules HIS Kingdom!
Not those of kingdom wishes...
And in betrayal,
Nipping between caviar schemes
Plotting mindlessly their own disasters!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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