Kingscote Lake

Poem By Jim Holmes

I put afloat on Kingscote Lake,
And glided through the gentle wake,
Carried forth by my trusty oar,
To search for camp on it's western shore,

Up in the channel where it narrows so slight,
I put ashore and claimed my site,
A fantastic place to disembark,
And gaze upon this majestic park,

Sunshine rained upon my skin,
As I made camp and settled in,
I must toil on before I tire,
Gathering wood to build a fire,

Deep in the backcountry, quite surreal,
I sat and savoured a simple meal,
Scanning the horizon above the trees,
Consumed by the beauty in all that I see,

Waves splashing upon ivory sand,
A time for resting is now at hand,
Evening approaches at it's leisurely gait,
Stillness surrounds me as the hour grows late,

Campfire glows like a soft dim lamp,
As darkness steals into camp,
Flames reach up to touch the night,
While shadows dance in eerie light,

Just beyond the place I sit,
Outside my campsite that is lit,
Nocturnal creatures roam about,
Off in the distance wolves call out,

Drenched in moonlight I decide to turn in,
Wrapped in my bedroll up to my chin,
I drift away in an easy sleep,
Safe in my slumber ever so deep,

Wide awake at first morning light,
Sipping coffee as the sun takes flight,
I start to stir and get underway,
Intent on fishing the day away,

I set upon the pristine water,
To catch my limit before the day grows hotter,
Fishing for hours, my canoe slowly drifts,
Northward along the sheer granite cliffs,

It's time to go home now,
But I solemnly vow,
I'll revisit this tranquil place,
As I leave behind not a single trace.

Comments about Kingscote Lake

I love your poem, Beautifully written and on a subject close to my heart Thank you for sharing.-10
A very nicely written and visual poem. Thanks, Jim

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