Poem By Celia Seaton

What’s in a kiss?
It’s not the stuff found in happy pills
I doubt GlaxoSmithkline can replicate this one
It’s the essence
It’s the ultimate good
It’s the feeling you’d get
Knowing you can jump off a building
And fall gently to the ground like a feather
On a gold silken pillow
It’s the power to melt the metal cold heart of the devil
Down to liquid oil
Infused with the sweetest fragrance of love, passion
What’s in my kiss is oneness
With the creator,
With the universe
Reminiscent of angels on clouds playing tunes divine
My kiss gives you the power to hold stars in the palm of your hands
I’ll kiss any tears you may have in mind
And you’ll experience sadness no more
For you, I’ll kiss the clouds on rainy days
And bring you endless sunshine
My kiss brings the power to touch and feel what is abstract
I captured the beautiful turquoise of the ocean
The gentle mist and breeze under warm sunshine
The melodic chirp of birds and dew drops from lush tropical flowers
And used these to punctuate
And complete the experience of what lies in my kiss
In my kiss lies my soul
My inner being
My thoughts unfold
As pure silken cloth
And comforts
That the reason behind this kiss is forever
And the ultimate aim is to capture the essence
You’ll have no questions of my feelings
Because you’ll know
You’ll feel
You speak, hear, breathe and be
You’ll know that when i gently pull you close to me
and gaze feverishly into your eyes
my fingers trace the contours of your face and our lips meet,
our lives will never be the same
our lives will become one
our lives will become the essence
All this and more is what is in my kiss.

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