JC (7/30 / bloomington california)


today on the blessed day
i meet my true love
he doesn't know nothing about me but he see me in a special way
he say my name as it was a love song
he touch me as if we are as one
but with my love locked and my voice silent to a whisper
how can i tell him i feel the same as him
that i want him as much as he wants me
i can't hold myself together for the longer i hold the more i want him to be mine
and only mine but i know with me unable to speak and love
that are love can't be anything more than a dream
and i know other will want him
and other will hurt him
so how can i broken all i learn and have to get to him
with a kiss with a silent ever lasting kiss
with a a voice or a heart that is locked
i can talk, touch, and open my heart
with a silent kiss
a kiss of me telling him i love him as much as i love he loves me
a kiss is all i need to make my dreams come true
for he is my true love
and this kiss shows the world that we love each other forever
all this in a kiss! !

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What a kiss expressed in your words. L&T