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Carpe Diem Love

I am not a Prince Hamlet
And you must not leave me
Like an Ophelia.

I am not an Othello, the Moor,
And you must not die
Like a Desdemona.

Rather with a Carpe Diem love
I am here to you.
Like a Coy Mistress do not delay
Because my heart is aching for you.

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I repeat you, hurrying, crashing, sad, distracted evidence of the historical year 1861...very remarkable and significant poem
............a fabulous poem with an excellent title with strong writing skills displayed nicely ★
I would've liked to have met ole Walt. Bet he was a cool dude. Much love.
Great poet's great poetry and it is about the soldier in uniforms and determination of warfare. How wonderfully his pen wrote in such spirits and I likes it with such respects.
This style of poetry slightly escapes me. Not my typical style. I think I might try the form. Although I wonder if some poems are just simply a rerecord of history and he happened to write about because he was alive at that time. Bien!
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