DD (February 28,1980 / Philippines)

Kiss Before I Fall To Care...

For why should I care
...If Daffodils kiss in spring
Embrace May for a moment
and burnt totally in June-
I kissed you in August-September
In times, I cannot remember.
I kissed you in the rain
I kissed you in the Car
In the streets.
I kiss, you kissed back.
You satisfied my curiosity
Yet we can't defy destiny-
Forever you'll leave me
thirsty for more touches
Confectionary lips- meringue kiss
This- I want you to know...
Why should I care if I
Kiss you under the gutter
Kiss you better and better
Kiss you again and again
And again, within heats sizzles,
under the tears of moonsoon,
A rampage of a confounded typhoon-
Who cares if we kiss-
As if we are Nature at its best.
Who cares if our kiss is errata,
A prettified Golgi-you-and-I
In self-realization. But never a religion
... For why should I care about the science,
cosmic mathematics of every thing.
But loving you in all rectified -here-and-now.

Yesyes, been awhile since I last posted here... glad to be back. Hope everyone is doing well: ]

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