(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Kiss Kiss Kiss

'Oh, hi...'
'Well, hello...! '

The mirror is horrified
at these...efforts...
to appear

(when I am anything but
...on tenterhooks) .
Terrified, I pretend
once again...

can't seem to find
a single word
that seems ok!
The mirror laughs
at my pathetic attempts

& 4 changes of tie & jacket.
On the other side of town
you too
talk to your mirror.

'Fancy meeting you here...'
you lie to your reflection
(who is not taken in
by your studied non-cha-lence) .

'What a nice surprise...'
the mirror refuses to be
your accomplice
and doesn't approve
any of your choice of dresses.

The only one it appears to like
is the one with the busted zip
(the one you said you'd fix
sometime last week but

and now there isn't
any time!
The mirror copies
your tears.

Later that night
on the street
(we both look
awkwardly natural)

as we apparently
by accident...coincidence?

I start to say:
'Hi...oh...! '
as you try to articulate:
'Well, fancy you...'
We stop.

Let go
of the words
let go
& just


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Been there Donnall, well observed and written. Kind regards, David