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I need you to follow this road,
A bumpy one in fact,
If you help me out,
We can make a pact.

This road I call life,
Has many routs,
Some bad, some good,
But almost all make us pout.

So pick one,
That suites you,
That you can handle,
You can't loose.

Make a pact,
And group together,
Take a rest,
One after another.

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last line: did you mean to type " ...your kiss" ? ? anybody in particular in mind? ? bri :) i liked reading your PH bio.
kiss, the sense of the touch, love, nearness, lust... desire, wishes. all explained in few lines. tha nk you dear poet. tony.
touch you and taste you.. showing the intensity of desire and love. thank you for this poem. tony
A lovely three liner.
I think the last line would've sounded better if it had said Touch you taste you kiss you