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Kiss Me
(25th March 1943 / )

Kiss Me

Kiss me and make it seem better,
Kiss me and quiet my heart,
I never once asked for a letter,
Stating you wanted to part.

Kiss me and declare you were wrong dear,
Kiss me and confirm it's okay,
Say all those things that I so want to hear,
And wipe all my tears away.

Kiss me and let's stay together,
Kiss me and pour out the wine,
Sit with me on my sofa of leather,
And say that everything will be fine.

Kiss me and tell me you love me,
Kiss me with passion to spare,
Don't think of leaving, that is my plea
And also my ardent prayer.

Kiss me, I need you so deeply,
Kiss me, what more can I say,
But with reality looming before me,
This dream has just melted away.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (16)

This is possibly the BEST love poem I have ever seen! So sad and heart-wrenching, but extremely well-written. Congratulations on a job well done!
Cheeky and smart- always a great subject for a poem, a kiss, and this one is done well!
Kiss me and tell me you love me, Kiss me with passion to spare, ........ sometimes eccentricity does not spare me without kiss
Fantastic poem..I love it very much..
Sad, Ernestine, but well delivered. Kiss me is the perfect refrain. Nice to find a poet writing so comfortably in rhyme and meter.
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