Kiss Me Again Like Wet Dogs

I love you in the rain
Walking lonely along the boulevard
Gazing at all the passing cars;
The glimmer of neon signs

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Nothing resembles such work rather the unique aspect...Exquisite work!
I just read this again, and though I already mentioned it, this line ' You know my addiction for extinction And everyway I tried to die; ' is almost enough to make me weep today...probably would if I weren't so numb..anyway, the point is, may we all be so blessed to be able to find such love where they know the worst thing about you, and it's ok...sometimes I wonder if it's real..great writing Uriah! Always, AMberlee
'You know my addiction for extinction' what a lovely line in such an overwhelming poem...honestly, your work lately has been nothing short of brilliant...pen on my dear, sweet poet... Always, Amberlee
Hey Tiger - you're on a roll today! This is so brilliantly pedestrian (i.e. dirty street) , earthy, real! I absolutely LOVE it!
And the poetry of romantic defeat...... .....To relish the journey of splintered thoughts I love these two lines......I love reading your poems Uriah, they are always so vivid.
'My addiction for extinction'.................I like that Uriah. Great image here. Sincerely, Mary