Kiss Me More

Kiss me more
Like you never before
Kiss me more and more
Till I
Your late afternoon sunshine
Become a late afternoon sunset
And get disappear
Way beyond the shore
Kiss me now and then
Till I
Your sweet thing
Turn red and forget whom I am
And make me to remember
That I was born
To be a woman.

by Berhan Mehari

Comments (2)

thank you Berhan; I think the poem is thought provoking. i relished it!
Well, you said it all in this poem. As it were, man is but a reminder for a woman of her 'womanness'. Beneath the surface of pleading for a kiss - physical contact- there lies the desire, yearning to be touched, thought of, looked at and treated as a Man would treat a Woman. We know many a woman suffer from lack of 'attention' - to put it rather mildy.