Kiss Of Death

One fatal bite was all that it took
The temptations of eternal life that could not be shook
Promises are made that can never be kept
These things he promised you while you slept

Voices you hear that slowly drive you insane
Feeling his poison coursing thru your veins
Your body on fire as his evil takes hold
The touch of your skin now ever so cold

Children of the night beckoning you to come play
For you must return home before the light of day
Calling you always as you yearn for the night
Awaiting for the moment when your body takes flight

Fighting the urges your thirst grows stronger
Feeling compelled you cant hold back any longer
Fearing the evil that drives you from within
You step into the night and a new life begins

Without any direction you wander the haze
Searching the streets of the city as if it were a maze
A yearning inside driving your mind like a wheel
Looking for a life with a soul to steal

Draining there bodies they cant resist your touch
Death is all that remains once they fall into your evil clutch
The sweet taste of blood and the smell of death
Satisfying your needs as they draw their last breath

You gave of yourself The Kiss of Death

by Poison 9901

Comments (2)

Wow this is great I can really picture it in my mind ya know and your right the theme's in your kiss of death and mine are are very similar we even gave 'em the same name.
wow, simply amazing, I luv it