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Kiss Of Death

Every one who saw you quaked with fear,
Thought they would help by shearing a tear,
Every eye that gazed, nodded their head
But wouldn't wish it was them instead.
Your countenance murky and bitter
Like a son, moaning for his loss father.
Some couldn't stand to look at you,
For what they now see don't seem true
But I looked at you and turned,
My heart grew heavy but the tears I burned,
For we all can't cry, that's wrong,
Some one has to stand tall and strong.
Life is not fair I thought,
What a waste -what precious loss
But ironically, your comforter was your enemy.
Isn't life sometimes funny?
To all those who bear excruciating agony
And can't be saved by a million pennies,
How consoling is the kiss of death
The foe and ally who takes your last breath.

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