Kiss Of Hunger

I walk up to the mirror
The one placed near my bed
I take a deep look within
Only to notice my lips are red

They are swollen too
From that hard and heavy kiss
Tender to the touch now
This happened to my lips

I was minding my own business
Reading a story book
When you walked up to me
Your eyes burning with that look

You took the book from me
And placed it on the floor
Then led me to a bed
Not before closing that damn door

My heart was racing in my chest
As you drew me near
You placed a hand on my cheek
Everything became so clear

Then you placed your weight on me
As light as a feather you felt
Then you kissed me so deep
All my insides ready to melt

You stroked my hair back
And kissed me once more
Then up you got in a rush
And headed straight for the door

You slowly opened it
Then looked in at me
“Come, let’s go.” You said
“Dinner is waiting, aren’t you hungry? ”

by Cheré Mason

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