Kiss Off That Beast

Kiss off that beast!
The one that rides your back,
To ache and crack from burdens packed.

Decide to be released!
Like the cool breeze lilting lightly,
Through swaying branches...
Full with clinging leaves,
On steadfast trees.
Fixed and rooted.

Feel free you can live,
Without a hectic need to collect enemies.
Increase your peace.
And kiss off that beast!

Demand your leisure.
Expect to dine!
At a feast you enjoy...
As if at a buffet from time to time.

Remedies for your happiness,
Is just a thought away...
Of what can be treasured.
If it's wished to come your way.

Dismiss those arguments!
The ones that start for no reason.
And making less sense as they persist.
Refused to be blocked by your own exits.
Create that wish list.
Promise yourself...
More visits with it!

Kiss off that beast!
Decide to be released.
Like that cool breeze through the trees.
And supply remedies to maintain your happiness.
It is just a thought away...
From what for you can be treasured,
Without measure.

Kiss off that beast!
And supply remedies to maintain your happiness.
Isn't that what you should do...
And ought to treasure to become subdued?

Kiss off that beast!
Get on your feet.
And move!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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