YSN (19th july 1989 / amedzofe, volta region, ghana)

Kissed In The Rain

one night i met a harry
looked just like any other tom
he bought an ice cream in the park
and held my hand as we walked
and i thought 'this is quite nice'
we strolled through the streets
ignorant of the catcalls and whistles
he told me he works on a farm
his voice sounded angelic
but then i looked at the time
'oh dear me, i must get home'
we run laughing and aching
feeling like children free and adventurous
when we got to my door
he was very hesitant to go
his lips were on mine, making me melt
i felt like a fool in paradise
and just when he put his arms around me
it begun to rain, soft and cold
he hugged me close, whispering promises
i went to bed a happy girl
but alas, must i say
that i never saw him again

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lovely and very true poem, it happens to everyone,10 from me!