Kisses And Hugs

As we approach evening on this summers eve
I send to you these great big kisses and hugs
to fill you with light and all of my endless love.
God bless you my darling one and hear my hearts call
as it says Kira Petranovich I love you
and want to be with you forevermore.
You are my Angel and best friend whom I deeply adore.

My sweet darling dear a blessing and gift
sent from God up above.
I love you so much and send kisses and hugs
to warm you up with my undying love.
A truly great woman whom I want to spend my life,
hold forever and a day never parting again.
I love you Kira and send you these massive passionate
kisses, smiles, and hugs.

The sweetest and biggest kisses to you
my sweet Angel dove so divine
because I truly love you and I always will.
I love you dear Kira and want you here so soon
so I can personally give you these kisses and hugs.

by Michael P. McParland

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