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Kisses Of Peace (Couplets)
DS Debora Short (August 4 / Florida)

Kisses Of Peace (Couplets)

Rising pasture as if viewed from angel flight
A mind-blowing beautiful East West imagery

The central topography high up on the hill
To left and east amazing views, hard wood forests

Mature soaring and stately red maples, buckeyes
Black cherries, silver-bells, pignuts, red oaks, hemlocks

Several hundred feet below a snaking Powell
River gurgles pristine over to Norris Lake

Monumental Cumberland Mountain Chains in full
View, just over those peaks views of old Kentucky

The peninsular surrounded in Tennessee
Valley Authority’s glistening assignment

Remote, isolated, secluded and gorgeous
Multicolored green quilts lay far out beyond

Revealing one gray and weathered century old barn
A distant farmhouse’s chimney sends out kisses of peace

Amazing graces to our country’s history, Indians
Of past hunted noble buffalo and became

Cast away savages sent away from sacred lands
Fortune seeking immigrants slowly worked bands

Of great covered wagon teams in Westward dreams
An animation filled in spirit and courage

Sometimes catalogued property of Kentucky
Both Grant and Lee captured the Cumberland Gap

Prized the ability to see great distances
Into wilderness, both raw pain and grand beauty

Intermingle in ancient earth, a warriors’ path,
A settler’s hopeful promise, a rich hunting ground,

A perilous place of adventure, a Union’s grace
All steeped in an awe inspiring beauty

(Hoping and Praying for this place in Tennessee
December 29,2006)

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Jam-packed couplets they are. This moves swiftly on, each creating its own atmosphere: it works. And it is very unusual. My hat off to you. t x