Kissing In The Rain?

I finally got that kiss I wanted but would never admit to wanting
Because wanting kisses are crazy and crazy just won't do.
But I got it,
As the rain was falling hard
And it reminded me of that one movie I'll never admit to watching
(Or never admit to liking, anyway...)
And I felt just a little cliche, but that's okay
Because cliche's not so bad when you look at it that way
And the rain was falling hard
So there must've been some kind of brain damage
That made me stand out there, getting soaked
With rain-drenched hair and a sun-soaked smile
(Though the sky was completely clouded over-DUH, it was RAINING...)
And cliche was okay, so I smiled kinda crooked anyway
And all right, so there was no running involved
No throwing open of arms
Just a simple, 'Hey, come over here'
(Because I never just ASK)
And you smile, somehow knowing what I want the way you always DO
In your simple, laid-back way,
You make the what, five, six step walk over to me
In my precipitation-absorbed jeans and standard black Old Navy flip flops
And simply give me what I secretly always wanted
Though it's terribly cliche
And horribly overrated
And not all-that special
Our brains are both water-logged
So neither of us really care
And it's special this time, because it's really what I wanted
No one forced me into this one
And there are no strings attached
No latent heartbreak waiting for me in the wings
And most importantly,

I love you.

by Amanda Saveley

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