(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Kissing The Naked Stars

Your star

leave tiny star
like scars

that I like
to kiss

when you undress
your ears

& put your earrings
to bed in a musical

jewelry box

with a dancing
ballerina on top

your star earrings
glitter with sleep

when the box closes
& the ballerina comes

to a perfect
stand still

(balanced on one


your star earrings
dream of your ears

and of wearing your life

I love
your tiny
star-like scars

so much
I could cry

when I kiss them
with eyes closed

still seeing them

I & your earrings


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Comments (2)

What I love about this is that idea of impressions..a star impressed, to be kissed for the absence of another star...resting and dreaming in its own music box...left to dream of another day, another time of being close...
This is beautiful..... my word Donall you always write 'Beautiful', that's all there is to say..... Sigh! ! ! HG: -) xx