Kissing To Show, The Loafers Of The Communist Party/ Kiss Campaign From Jadavpur To India-Wide, A Leftist Opera, Drama Of Love

Signature campaign,
Pen down strike,
Wearing of black badges,
Closed for sine die,
Locking of factories,
This we have already heard about,
All about their wrath and anger,
Vengeance and hatred,
How do they crush revolutions,
How do they suppress people's rights,
How do they resort to firearms and weapons,
People know it all about the Red terror,
Comrades and cadres on a rampage?

Now they are kissing, kissing to register,
Showing it that they were lovers in hiding,
Under this protest, they are taking the opportunity of
Kissing in the public,
The Leftist students,
Whose brain the communists have already washed them,
Kissing to romance and in love
As for to take opportunity of the protest
And in kissing and loving,
The Leftists are great,
The students and the teachers
And the clerks
And the workers
Do they all unionism
Just for to have an extra-marital affair
Or romance?

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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