RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Kissing With Open Eyes

Skies from the world around
Fill with clouds of rain
Lips turn, Bend into the moment
Tears of joy, Drops of rain hit the ground
Above the misty skies, flies a crane
Along the flowers, Glows a peaceful hornet
The gravel road is a line in the distant
Time becomes drying ice
Hours become minutes
Up in the air, down falls rice

Lips bend into the scene
Parted structures of belonging
So virginal, so clean
A beautiful moment of bonding
Out of his hand, appears a ring
The dove's fly, the choir sings

Two teenagers stand out in the snow
Looking toward the sky
Sweat dribbles down the boy's eyes
Each have no clue what to do, each don't know
But there hands touch, the skies open up
And all is still

Lips turn and bend into the wind
Like the tattered jacket on a scarecrow
Hands move, like a man suffering a drunken binge
In all of us lies a heart, let it go

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The last line hits too close to the memory. Wonderful read!