AR (20 may 1990 / india)

Kite Flies Away

There was a day in my life; I spread my wings to find you,
What a Peace full day that was,  no one tried to make me fall.
Someone likes to make changes; I try to do,
what they want.
And finally find that you want; that make me to fall.

Don't want to earn some thing by losing things with me.
Before you love something, you must learn to let them go.
The wind starts dancing with my kite and fly away from me.
And clouds run away from sky and gave me space to fly.
Live your life that you want, try to make it large.

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Full of hope and confidence it is a very nice poem. Liked it. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful poem dear poet! Each and every line is beautiful.. Fabulously penned poem!
Akhil, We face headwinds that try to fell us wherever we go, whatever we do. But yes, sooner or later, if we persevere, clouds run away and give us space to fly. Live our life that we want. And try to make it LARGE. Your poem exudes lot of positive energy. Great poetry. Do continue to write. Thank you sharing.
before you love something, you must learn to let them go..... very true
Try to make it large! But, with positiveness. Nice work.
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