I see two eyes
peering out at me from the corner of the couch
and a little pink nose
nestled in the middle
of bewhiskered, white marshmallow cheeks.
Uh oh.
What’s this?
Two ears approach
(twice too large for that adorable face)
and gold and black eyes are wide
in mischievous anticipation.
Oh mortals, take heed,
such a slow methodical stalk
hath this monstrous, tigrous beastie.
See how he takes his position
on a twitching haunch
poised for the merciless kill.
He springs
completely surprising my defenseless hand.
Little pink paw pads
are choking my index finger
but my defiant digit wrestles to the death!
Oh fearsome proposition
what horrible teeth you have grandma
those mighty molars strike terror to my heart
pray don’t gum me to dea-Aaaaaaagggghhhhh! ! !
(Damn cat.)

(Previously published in The Short North Gazette, Nov.1998)

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An adorable feline write. So cute Patricia
Adorable Laurence! Very cute..... sincerely, Mary