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1... It Worked
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1... It Worked

It worked
The one thing I hoped never would
The secret thoughts I never voiced
Telling everyone I hoped one thing
And wishing with all my heart it not
Everyday I’d hope inside out
For something I never really wanted
Dreaming of the day
You’d realize what u wanted
And as I said aloud for you to forget
I screamed inside for you to always remember
I’m wishing again
To have it all back
But knowing inside
I can’t change that
I can’t say who
Or even what
All I can say
Is what I dreamed of
Never happening
And wished for
More than anything
Finally happened
And it finally worked

Now I don’t know
If what I want is what I need
Or if what I need is what I want

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hahahahhahahaha.. that was funny...w8.. i dont get it....i just like the word penquin!