Kiyan, Heavens New Angel

The way you were taken from us was unfair
You didn’t care about what people used to think
The clothes you used to wear or the way you cut your hair
As long as you were happy you didn’t care.
You are now heavens new angel up above
You are deeply missed and we all send our love
How could someone take a life like this?
Especially as someone as unique as yourself
The youngsters looked up to you and idolised you
I don’t fink there is one person that didn’t feel the upset when they new.
You are deeply, deeply missed by everyone who loved you
You will always be in our minds and we will never ever forget you kiyan

Kiyan, heavens new angel, heavens new prince x

R.I.P Kiyan Prince, love from deep within the heart of
Everyone who new you x x x
By Brett Butler (Ap primary school friend of kiyan, my cousin)

by Eddie Mitchell

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A very heartfelt response to a real tragedy!