Poem By Vernazera Lumba

Love is like a tissue
You could give it away
Just to be used
And thrown away
On a gloomy day
It rains
And the tissue
Will get mushy and wet
From your sorrows and grief
But even though
It’s wet
It could be useful
Maybe you haven’t met
Your true love yet
But don’t let doubt
Overcome you
Never stop looking
Just mold it
Into something new

Comments about “kleenex”

i love this poem..i like how u compare it about love and all..hmmm hmm hmm lolz..i really love it gurl..keep on working =-winneth-=143
great ending, nice sentiment.

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ur a great person
but i dont know wat to say
as im writing this poem
all i can think of is 'hey'

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U sometimes u do hav mood swings
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