Have you ever fear everyday,
thinkin the one you love might just go away?
Tryin to hold so tight, that you tryin to think positive,
and making sure every little thing is alright,
but at the end, your confused and lost with no light.

I know my love is there,
either you see it or not.
My heart belongs to you,
either you like it or not.
I wanna love you forever,
even if you dont wanna.

I'm slowly meltin away,
leaving this place,
with your name in my heart-
forever thats where it'll stay.

if only you knew what i wanted to say..

by Dislocated Heart

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I Know How It's Like To fear That The Ones We Love Might Just Go Away... Nice Poem. I've Read 22/237 Of Your Poems So far And Will Continue Reading On. Keep Up The Good Writing. -Cassandra.
you should just tell them before its too late to tell them. you a good guy. they'll understand