CR ( / Cuba)

Knife In The Water

The feeling that I will not subside
That's lingered since the night you died
I wish I could have helped you more
And opened up a tight locked door
I wish I could have seen your pain
Your blood, your tears clearly visible
In the pouring rain
I wish I'd listen to your plea
For someone close to set you free
And release you from the ropes of sin
That burn upon your bruised skin
I wish I'd been your alibi
I wish I'd never seen you die in my arms
The pills split now will haunt my soul
I wish I'd heard your story told
How I wish I'd cleaned the pool of blood
That you left in my arms when you died
And helped you drain away your flood
Of hurt that stained your very heart
In icy chambers frozen torn apart
I wish I'd never seen your eyes
Alight with pain, the night you died
Everything we had was stolen in an instance
Happy memories of the love and joy
We once felt for each other
And now I sit and cry
I blame myself for it all
I could have stopped it
If I had answered your desperate call
Like a knife in the water
That flows out in the open sea
Maybe someday if I ever make it to heaven
Our souls will join as one
And we'll be together for all eternity.

Copyright 2006 by Carlos Alberto Rodriguez

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a very honest and sad write. Sometime people get so good at hiding their pain until it's too late, and some just don't want the help. well worded and structured. 10/10 Liz